Canoodling with the enemy #bowser #nintendo #3ds

Canoodling with the enemy #bowser #nintendo #3ds

This bunny scares the shit outta me.  Thanks Mom and Dad! #easter #nightmares

This bunny scares the shit outta me. Thanks Mom and Dad! #easter #nightmares

Life gets a lil better when you learn how to turn a t-shirt into Sub-Zero’s mask. #mortalkombat

Life gets a lil better when you learn how to turn a t-shirt into Sub-Zero’s mask. #mortalkombat

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Minecraft birthday #minecraft

Minecraft birthday #minecraft

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A Wrestlemania we’ll never forget

Wrestlemania XXX turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever seen.  It could very well be the best out of all of them, in my opinion.  It’s all because WWE managed to show just how sports entertainment can elicit some truly meaningful emotions out of those that follow.

I don’t care how many years you’ve been following wrestling.  Without a doubt, Wrestlemania XXX managed to throw a curve ball at you during at least one point of the night.  Personally, I was surprised/shocked a number of times as the show went on.  For some of the matches, I honestly was on the edge of my seat.  The gang we had over erupted in cheers, applause and even anger throughout the night.  WWE’s brand of entertainment may not be 100% real, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t 100% invested with our hearts and minds.

Obviously, there was one huge swerve that none of us saw coming.  That one moment took away the collective breath of just about everyone watching.  I’m not going into spoiler territory with this post, but I know you already know what portion I’m talking about.  It became so quiet at our viewing party that you could hear a pin drop.  It doesn’t matter that WWE is scripted entertainment.  Just like any other great scripted programming, the writers and performers managed to take us somewhere we never thought we’d go.  They gave us something we never thought we’d see.  When that moment hit, the WWE universe had no idea what to do with itself.

Hours later, I still can’t believe that it happened.  I’m absolutely in shock, but I’m not upset.  I’m honestly happy to see that WWE is willing to take us places that we’ve never imagined before.  No cow is too sacred to slaughter.  WWE wants to shock its fans and entertain them in every way possible.  Those that don’t follow wrestling may think that there’s only a one-note approach possible, but the rest of us know better.  I’ve never experienced the range of emotions I felt tonight (and continue to feel) from any other one-off event.  Sure, some movies and TV shows have given me these feelings before, but never to this degree.  Wrestlemania XXX took us in so many directions that it left our heads spinning.

You can be sure that that one big swerve was the brainchild of Vince and the two wrestlers involved.  That match outcome was given checks and balances by the players within.  This was not an outcome to take lightly.  The main man involved obviously wanted things to go a certain way, which lead us to the match finish we got tonight.  You may not like what happened, but you have to respect how it all came together.  This certainly wasn’t a rash decision made in final hour.

It’s silly just to focus on that one match, though.  The entirety of Wrestlemania XXX really blew me away.  I would have liked to see a different outcome from the Cena/Wyatt match, but I still enjoyed the match itself.  The Battle Royal was a fantastic thing to see.  As the entrants got tossed out, it only got more exciting.  Once again, a finish I couldn’t have been happier to see.  Even the Divas match found its mojo about halfway through.  I have to give those wonderful women extra credit for following the match that they did.  Certainly not an easy pill to swallow.

Then there’s the entire Daniel Bryan saga, which was certainly front-and-center going into tonight.  The physicality in his performances was top-notch.  All the players involved really brought their A game.  I personally found Stephanie McMahon to be an outstanding addition to the match, taking on a persona that was much closer to what her father had done into the past.  She’s going to be pretty excellent as a follow-up evil boss to her dad.

Long story short, Wrestlemania XXX blew me away.  It was the culmination of all the reasons I love wrestling.  The athleticism was absolutely superb.  The stories were pushed ways I didn’t expect.  The passion was never running deeper.  The wave of emotions was almost too much to handle.  For me, this will be a very hard Wrestlemania to follow, but you can be sure I’ll be watching when XXXI rolls around.

If only more people would open up their mind to the magical mixture of scripted and real-life that WWE offers.  It’s such a unique experience that you really can’t get anywhere else.  Tonight was the pinnacle of what wrestling can be.  A perfect mixture of physical and emotional.  One hell of a ride.

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I consider myself to be quite saucy

Man, you know what’s really fun? Straws. #cat #kitty #stupid

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Just gettin comfy #cat #kitty #stretching

Just gettin comfy #cat #kitty #stretching

Everything you like is fake/dumb/stupid

IGN posted the video above, which resulted in a slew of comments.  I’m sure you know what’s already coming…


The internet can be a great place.  There are wonderful people out there with kind thoughts and great praise/constructive criticism for people.  Unfortunately, it seems that that slice of the internet pales in comparison to the nasty side.  I will never understand why it has to be like that and what those people get from belittling others.

Working on the internet can be a truly soul-sucking experience.  You see far more bad than good.  Then when I’m not working and checking out other things I enjoy unrelated to work, its the same experience.  A couple level-headed people mixed in with rude/nasty/mean comments.  As far as I know, the internet will forever be a breeding ground for that kind of activity, no matter how genuine and kind some people try to be.

If you have given wrestling a shot and you don’t enjoy it, that’s fine by me.  I don’t expect everyone to like what I do, nor do I enjoy everything that others do.  With that said, I’m willing to give anything a chance.  If my friends/family are really into something and are excited to share that something with me, you can bet I’ll give it a shot.  Even if I end up not enjoying it, I get a good feeling knowing that those I care for are truly passionate about things.  For me, it’s great seeing that people are partaking in things they enjoy.  So long as your goal in doing these things isn’t to hurt others on purpose, I’m down.

Unfortunately, it seems that more people enjoy spending their time making others feel bad.  Why let people enjoy something when you can come in and shit on them?   You can take your ill thoughts and harsh words to all those that get enjoyment out of things.  What better way to spend your time than by making others feel bad?  What a truly rewarding experience.

Comments like these won’t make me feel bad for being a wrestling fan.  Comments like these won’t stop me from enjoying anything I enjoy in life.  With that said, comments like these make me realize just how terrible some people are.  They exist online and in the real world, and their goal is to squash joy.  What kind of person sets out to act like this?

The best revenge I can offer is to never, ever be like that.  I’ve never wanted to be, I never will be and I have no interest in it at all.  I will always listen to what friends/family/people enjoy and learn about what they have a passion for.  I’ll watch, I’ll listen and I’ll even give things a shot if it’s important to those people.  If you’re passionate about something, I want you to show me where that passion comes from.  


Also, on a very quick note…are we still having the wrestling is fake discussion?  Breaking Bad is fake…House of Cards is fake…The Walking Dead is fake.  No one calls out 100% scripted shows as being ‘fake’, nor should they.  Then we have WWE, which is a mixture of real and scripted, yet we have thousands of people that still parrot ‘fake’ every chance they get.  I just want to get this straight.  Shows that are 100% fake don’t get any bashing for being fake (nor should they), but the mixture of real/fake in WWE brings on the fake claims.  

If only people would start with an open mind and a genuine desire to expand their horizons.  That’s not just about WWE, but about everything in general.  Sadly, it seems people too afraid to do that, but more than willing to bash what they don’t understand and torment those that support.

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Goofy likes what he sees @Nintendo #disneymagicalworld #3ds

Goofy likes what he sees @Nintendo #disneymagicalworld #3ds